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Catterick taxi guide

20 May 2019

Taxi's can be confusing but they don't have to be. I have noticed from speaking to lots of customers most of them don't understand how taxis work and they are surprised to hear that there are rules regarding prices, most people seem to think that taxi companies in Catterick can and do charge as much as they like, but that is not true. The more you understand, the easier it is to get the best price from your local taxi service so I have put together this short guide to help out.


I often get new customers telling me that the same journey metered more with another taxi, so I am going to explain why this shouldn't happen. The taxi prices are decided by the local council and every taxi in Richmondshire is set to the same rates, this is the maximum price all taxi's can charge. Each taxi must have a meter fitted to calculate this charge. The meter is programmed and sealed by a local contractor and companies or drivers can't change the price, only the tariff depending on the time of day or if they need a car or minibus.

Most customers don't realise the meter is for their benefit and must be switched on at the start of each and every journey. So now you know that every taxi in Catterick is set to the same rate you know that the meter price for the same journey should be the same whatever taxi or company you use.

The fare is based on distance ( and time when the vehicle is stationary ). The meter has a starting price which covers the first half mile of the journey and then increases by a set amount every 1/10th of a mile.

There are 4 tariffs:

  • Tariff 1 - CAR or MINIBUS
    1 - 4 passengers 6am - 11pm
  • Tariff 2 - CAR or MINIBUS
    1 - 4 passengers 11pm - 6am
  • Tariff 3 - MINIBUS
    5+ passengers 6am - 11pm
  • Tariff 4 - MINIBUS
    5+ passengers 11pm - 6am

View tariff cardhere

Using this tariff card you can work out the maximum charge for any catterick taxi just by using the distance you would like to travel, for example, if you needed a taxi on tariff 1 from Catterick to Darlington which is roughly 17 miles, it would be £2.60 for the first half mile and £2 per mile for 16.5 miles so £35.60.

One thing to remember is that the meter price is the maximum price a taxi can charge but you can negotiate a lower price with the driver or the operator before your journey.

How to get the best price

Here are a few ways to get the best possible price for your taxi journey in Catterick.

Ring a few different companies:

Every driver has different discounts so you might be surprised how much you can save by ringing around and asking if other taxi companies can beat your current quote. Keep in mind there are four or five numbers in the garrison that all divert to the same taxi company but don't let the put you off.

Bigger discounts on long distances

If you are only travelling somewhere local there isn't to much room for discount but you should still get some. If you need a long distance taxi, some drivers base the price on time rather than distance but the same rules apply, the meter price is always the maximum.

Know your taxi

There are two types of car available for hire in Catterick and in this section I am going to explain the difference.

Hackney carriage:

A Hackney carriage vehicle ( Taxi ) has white license plates on the front and back of the vehicle and also on front doors on each side. This plate shows information about the taxi and how many passengers the vehicle is licensed to carry. A taxi also has a light on the roof. As a general rule if the light is on, this vehicle is available for hire. If the light is off, the vehicle is either occupied or the car is off shift.

This vehicle can be hired by calling the operator of the vehicle and taxi's can also be hailed by customers on the street or pick customers up on local taxi ranks.

Private hire:

A private hire vehicle has yellow plates on the front and back and also on the front doors on each side. This plate should say advance bookings only and shows the license information of the vehicle. A private hire vehicle has no roof light and can only be hired through an operator. If you get in one of these cars and you have not booked it in advance through an operator you may not be covered by insurance.

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